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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

3rd Sunday of Easter children's mass

(Update: We will not be singing the Responsorial Psalm - sorry! We are now singing Mass of Peace setting for Eucharistic Liturgy. I have also uploaded my own video for In the breaking of the Bread).

 Entrance                    713 Sing of the Lord's Goodness
Gloria                        530 Gloria! (Anderson)
Resp. Psalm               (not sung)
Gosp. Acc.                Bernadette's Alleluia (refrain only)
Offertory                   872 My God accept my heart
Holy Holy                  556 Mass of Peace
Memorial Acclamation 557 Mass of Peace
Great Amen                557 Mass of Peace
Lamb of God             496 Agnus Dei (Creation Mass)
Communion               288  On the journey to Emmaus
                                 624 In the breaking of the bread
Final                          787 Sing it in the valleys

Entrance                    713 Sing of the Lord's Goodness
start at 1:06 (BBC's Song of Praise)

Sing of the Lord's goodness, 
Father of all wisdom,
come to Him and bless His name. 
Mercy he has shown us, 
His love is forever, 
faithful to the end of days.

Come then, all you nations, 
sing of your Lord's goodness, 
melodies of praise and thanks to God. 
Ring out the Lord's glory, 
praise Him with your music, 
worship Him and bless His name

2. Power he has wielded, 
honor is His garment 
risen from the snares of death. 
His word He has spoken,
one bread He has broken, 
new life He now gives to all.

3. Courage in our darkness, 
comfort in our sorrow,
Spirit of our God most high; 
solace for the weary,
pardon for the sinner, 
splendor of the living God.

4. Praise Him with your singing, 
praise Him with the  trumpet, 
praise God with the lute and harp;
praise Him with the cymbals, 
praise Him with your dancing, 
praise God till the end of days.

Gloria:            530 Gloria (Anderson)

Refrain: Glória glória (clap) in excélsis Deo (2x)

1. Lord God, heavenly King, peace you bring to us;
We worship you we give you thanks, we sing our song of praise.
2. Jesus, Saviour of all, Lord God, Lamb of God,
You take away our sins, O Lord, have mercy on us all
3. At the Father's right hand, Lord, receive our prayer
For you alone are the Holy One, and you alone are Lord
4. Glory Father and Son, glory Holy Spirit
To you we raise our hands up high, we glorify your name.

Gospel Acclamation: Bernadette’s Alleluia

Alle, alleluia!
Alle, alleluia!
Alle, alleluia!
Alleluia! (repeat)

Jesus make your words plain to us
Make our hearts burn with love
when You speak

Offertory: 872 My God accept my heart this day

My God, accept my heart this day,
And make it wholly Thine,
That I from Thee no more may stray,
No more from Thee decline.

Before the cross of Him Who died,
Behold, I prostrate fall;
Let every sin be crucified,
And Christ be all in all.

Anoint me with Thy heavenly grace,
And seal me for Thine own,
That I may see Thy glorious face,
And worship at Thy throne.

Let every thought, and work, and word,
To Thee be ever given;
Then life shall be Thy service, Lord,
And Death the gate of Heaven.

All glory to the Father be,
All glory to the Son,
All glory, Holy Ghost, to thee,
while endless ages run.

556 Holy Holy: Mass of Peace

Holy, holy, holy Lord
God of power and might
Heaven and earth are filled with your glory
Hosanna in the highest
Blessed is he who comes in the name of hte Lord
Hosanna in the highest

Mem acc: 557 Mass of Peace

Christ has died, Christ is risen,
Christ will come again

Great Amen: 557 Mass of Peace
Amen, amen, amen.

Lamb of God    496 Agnus Dei (Mass of Creation) (start at 0:48)

Jesus, Lamb of God,
You take away the sins of the world
Have mercy on us

Jesus, Bread of Life,
You take away the sin of the world
Have mercy on us

Jesus, Prince of Peace,
You take away the sin of the world
Have mercy on us

Jesus, Lamb of God,
You take away the sin of the world
grant us your peace

Communion   288  On the journey to Emmaus (by Marty Haugen)
sample only:

On the journey to Emmaus with our hearts cold as stone-
the One who would save us had left us alone.
Then a stranger walks with us and, to our surprise,
he opens our stories and he opens our eyes.

And our hearts burned within us as we talked on the way,
how all that was promised was ours on that day.
So we begged him, 'Stay with us and grant us your word.'
We welcomed the stranger and we welcomed the Lord.

And that evening at the table as he blessed and broke bread,
we saw it was Jesus aris'n from the dead;
Though he vanished before us we knew he was near -
the life in our dying and the hope in our fear.

On the journey to Emmaus, in our stories and feast,
with Jesus we claim that the greatest is least:
and his words burn within us - let none be ignored -
who welcomes the stranger shall welcome the Lord.

624 In the breaking of the bread 
my version
preview clip only:

In the breaking of the bread
We have known him; we have been fed.
Jesus the stranger, Jesus the Lord,
Be our companion, be our hope.

Bread for the journey, strength for our years,
manna of ages of struggle and tears.
Cup of salvation, fruit of the land,
bless and receive now the work of our hands. (refrain)

Bread for the promise, people of hope,
wine of compassion, life for the world.
Gathered at table, joined as his body,
sealed in the Spirit, sent by the Lord. (refrain)

Final   787 Sing it in the valleys
pdf music sheet (with lyrics)

Sing it in the valleys, shout it from the mountain tops!
Je - sus came to save us and his saving never stops!
He is King of kings, and new life he brings!
Sing it in the valleys, shout it from the mountain tops! Oh!
Shout it from the mountain tops!

Jesus, you are by my side,
you take all my fears.
If I only come to you,
you will heal the pain of years. (refrain)

You have not deserted me,
though I go astray.
Jesus, take me in your arms,
help me walk with you today. (refrain)

Jesus, you are living now,
Jesus, I believe.
Jesus, take me, heart and soul,
yours alone I want to be. (refrain)

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